Post Falls

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Post Falls, Idaho, nestled between the bustling city of Coeur d’Alene and the Washington state line, is a dynamic blend of natural beauty and historical significance. Named after Frederick Post, a German immigrant who constructed a lumber mill along the Spokane River in the late 19th century, the city has grown from its milling roots to become a desirable residential area and tourist destination. Today, visitors and residents alike are drawn to its scenic landscapes, with the majestic Spokane River and the impressive Post Falls Dam providing both recreational opportunities and a glimpse into the area's industrial past.

One of Plumb Zebra's owners has a particular fondness for Post Falls, often recalling weekends spent with family at q'emiln Park, where the rugged landscapes and the tranquil Spokane River create a picturesque backdrop for cherished memories. Beyond personal connections, Plumb Zebra has become an integral service provider in Post Falls. The company's dedication to ensuring residents have optimal plumbing systems is evident in its extensive offerings. From maintaining smoothly running faucets and ensuring efficient drainage, to installing new water heaters or updating kitchen and bathroom fixtures, Plumb Zebra's commitment to quality and reliability makes it a top choice for the community. The team takes pride in not just offering services, but in being a part of the Post Falls story.


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