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Mead, located north of Spokane in Spokane County, has its roots firmly set in the early days of Washington's statehood. Historically an agricultural hub, the community was named after Civil War General George Meade, although a slight spelling variation was adopted. As the Pacific Northwest developed and railway lines expanded, Mead became an essential stop for trains, fostering growth and promoting commerce in the region. Over the years, while it retained much of its agrarian charm, Mead evolved to accommodate a more suburban lifestyle as Spokane grew and expanded. Today, it serves as a blend of its historical past and modern living, with many residents appreciating the balance between its rural ambiance and the conveniences of nearby urban centers.

Plumb Zebra deeply values the trust and patronage of the residents of Mead. Mead's residents understand the importance of quality and reliability, and Plumb Zebra is honored to meet those expectations. Serving the Mead community with a range of plumbing services, from water heater installations to various plumbing repairs and water hydrant installations, Plumb Zebra is committed to ensuring that the homes and businesses of Mead receive top-tier service. Our dedication to excellence has allowed us to become a preferred choice for many in Mead, and we take pride in keeping their plumbing systems efficient and well-maintained.


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