Otis Orchards

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Otis Orchards, situated to the east of Spokane in Spokane County, is a community with a rich agricultural heritage. Nestled near the Washington-Idaho border, its fertile lands were historically dedicated to orchards, giving the area its name. Over the years, while the orchard landscapes have given way to residential development, Otis Orchards retains a blend of its pastoral roots and suburban living. With the scenic Spokane River and Liberty Lake nearby, residents enjoy a unique blend of tranquility and outdoor recreation opportunities, making Otis Orchards a cherished locale in the Inland Northwest.

Located just a short distance to the west of Otis Orchards, Plumb Zebra is ideally positioned to serve the residents of this serene bedroom community swiftly and efficiently. The charm of Otis Orchards, with its kind and down-to-earth residents, resonates with us, and we're always eager to provide our services here. Our team holds a special appreciation for the genuine warmth and welcoming nature of the Otis Orchards community. It's always our pleasure to contribute towards ensuring that the homes in Otis Orchards have plumbing systems that run smoothly and properly. Our commitment to quality and timely service is our way of giving back to a community we hold in high regard.


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