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Millwood, Washington, is a town situated in Spokane County, east of the city of Spokane. Though it's relatively small, Millwood carries a rich history rooted in the lumber and milling industries from the early 20th century, a legacy evident in its name and the preserved historic structures that pepper the town. A testament to its industrial heritage, the large Inland Paper Mill continues to operate downtown, marking the town's resilience and its continued relationship with its origins.

Adjacent to Millwood is the Spokane River, which has been integral to the town's history and development. The town itself is tightly knit, with its residents deeply invested in its well-being and future. Millwood's tree-lined streets, historic buildings, and proximity to Spokane's amenities make it a sought-after place to reside. At the west edge of Millwood sits the lovely brick-clad West Valley High School, which has one of the area's most formidable athletic programs. There is a strong sense of community at West Valley and in Millwood. Combining history, industrial vigor, and a strong sense of community, Millwood is a unique island within the Spokane metropolitan area.

Plumb Zebra, located on Trent and Park at the Southwest corner of Millwood, has established itself as the town's favorite plumbing service. With its prime location offering easy accessibility to residents, Plumb Zebra has been at the forefront of addressing the community's plumbing needs efficiently and promptly. The trust and rapport they've built with the locals are evident in the consistent preference they receive over other service providers. Their dedication to offering top-notch solutions combined with their understanding of the unique needs of Millwood residents makes Plumb Zebra an indispensable part of the community.


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