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Chattaroy, nestled in Spokane County, is a picturesque community located to the north of Spokane. Originally established as a vital railroad stop in the late 19th century, the town has since evolved, transitioning from its historical roots to a tranquil residential community. The region is characterized by its lush landscapes, undulating hills, and pristine streams, making it a haven for those who cherish the beauty of the Inland Northwest and seek a more serene, rural living experience.

While modern-day Chattaroy maintains its peaceful, countryside ambiance, it also offers its residents convenient access to the amenities of nearby urban centers, primarily Spokane. The community boasts a mix of historical structures and contemporary homes, reflecting its rich past and promising future.

In the heart of Chattaroy's picturesque landscapes, Plumb Zebra has become the top choice for plumbing services, reflecting the trust and preference of this beautiful rural community. We're both honored and delighted that Chattaroy residents consistently choose us to ensure their plumbing systems are operating seamlessly. Beyond mere maintenance, Plumb Zebra is proud to elevate the comfort of Chattaroy homes by offering a range of modern plumbing solutions — from installing new appliances to setting up efficient water heaters. Our commitment to quality and the well-being of the community propels us to deliver the best, catering to both the essential plumbing needs and the enhanced comforts that Chattaroy residents deserve.


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