Medical Lake

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Medical Lake, Washington, is a small city situated in Spokane County, not far from the city of Spokane itself. Named after the lake it surrounds, Medical Lake has a rich history intertwined with the therapeutic properties that many once believed its waters held. In earlier times, native tribes and later settlers claimed that the lake's mineral-rich waters had healing properties, leading to its name and its reputation as a place for healing.

Geographically, Medical Lake is one of several unique alkali lakes in the region, giving it a distinct mineral composition. The city, while small, is characterized by its sense of community and the picturesque landscapes offered by the lake and surrounding natural beauty. Recreationally, the lake is popular for fishing, kayaking, and other water-based activities, while the surrounding areas offer trails and parks for hiking and picnicking.

The town itself is relatively quiet, providing a serene environment that's just a short drive away from the busier urban center of Spokane. As a result, many residents appreciate the balance between the tranquility of a smaller town and the convenience of nearby urban amenities. Over the years, Medical Lake has retained its small-town charm while offering a peaceful retreat in the Inland Northwest.

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