Nine Mile Falls

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Nine Mile Falls is a scenic community situated in Spokane County, Washington, a short distance northwest of Spokane. While its name might suggest the presence of a grand waterfall, the name actually derives from the location of the original dam built on the Spokane River, which was nine miles upstream from downtown Spokane. This dam, constructed in the late 19th century, was a significant infrastructure project of its time.

Today, the community of Nine Mile Falls is prized for its natural beauty and its proximity to outdoor recreational opportunities. The Spokane River, winding through the area, offers residents and visitors a host of water-based activities like fishing, boating, and kayaking. In addition, the surrounding landscape, adorned with pine-covered hills and rugged terrains, provides ample space for hiking, biking, and wildlife watching.

One of the area's standout attractions is Riverside State Park, which sprawls over a vast expanse and serves as a hub for outdoor enthusiasts. The park features a network of trails, campgrounds, and scenic overlooks, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Furthermore, Nine Mile Falls boasts a close-knit community atmosphere, with local events, schools, and businesses that reflect the area's rich history and dedication to preserving its natural wonders. The blend of natural allure and community spirit makes Nine Mile Falls a truly unique and cherished spot in the Inland Northwest.

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