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In the heart of Houser, Idaho, a gem of a lake community straddling the Idaho-Washington border, Plumb Zebra has found a place where our plumbing is deeply appreciated. As summer suns beckon residents to the lake's shimmering edges and winter snows paint a white canvas, we are on hand to ensure homes are at their comfortable best. From the simple tasks of updating sinks and faucets to the more intricate installation of water heaters, spigots, and yard hydrants, our team ensures that Houser's homes are equipped with modern systems. These updates ensure Houser’s residents can enjoy warm summer lake dives but also comfort in chilly, snow-blanketed winters, ensuring every household remains a place of ejoyment.

Beyond just the technical aspects of our job, it's the close-knit spirit of the Houser community that makes our work truly rewarding. The gratitude, kindness, and unwavering trust residents place in Plumb Zebra fill our hearts with pride. Our commitment to keeping drains clear and plumbing systems in top-notch condition is unwavering. Adding a personal touch, one of Plumb Zebra's owners holds dear memories of kayaking on Houser Lake, sharing delightful swims and moments with kids, family, and friends. Every paddle stroke and splash in the water deepens our bond with this lovely community.


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