Green Bluff

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Green Bluff, situated in Spokane County, Washington, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, agricultural heritage, and a tight-knit community of farmers and residents. This charming area, comprising around 2,000 acres, is not so much a town but rather a collective of farms, orchards, and local businesses. Historically rooted in farming, Green Bluff has become a beloved destination for both locals and visitors eager to experience its seasonal festivals, u-pick orchards, and fresh produce stands.

Throughout the year, Green Bluff is abuzz with events. Whether it's the strawberry celebrations in the early summer, apple and pumpkin picking in the fall, or Christmas tree farms in the winter, there's always a reason to visit and immerse oneself in its pastoral beauty. The community's dedication to sustainable farming and preserving the area's agricultural essence, combined with its scenic vistas and warm hospitality, makes Green Bluff a unique and cherished gem in the Pacific Northwest.

The bond between Plumb Zebra and the Green Bluff community is personal, as one of the founders of Plumb Zebra resides just on the outskirts of Green Bluff. Over the years, his family has relished the simple joys of cutting Christmas trees and picking fresh fruit from the local orchards, immersing himself in the area's seasonal festivities. With this connection, Plumb Zebra is dedicated to serving the Green Bluff community, ensuring that the plumbing systems in every home operate seamlessly. Our mission is to augment the comfort of homes in Green Bluff, helping residents update their plumbing and thereby enhance their living experience. In moments of urgency, our amiable and skilled plumbers stand ready to assist, ensuring swift and efficient solutions to any plumbing challenge. We deeply value the warmth, trust, and patronage of the Green Bluff residents, and are continually honored to be a trusted service provider in such a vibrant and cherished community.


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