Franchising with Plumb Zebra

Customers love our purple stripes! With our always-on call center, efficient dispatching, and timely weekly payouts, owning your own plumbing business has never been easier.

  • Admin Staff Provided
  • Phones, Scheduling, & Dispatch
  • Weekly Payouts
  • Training & Support
  • Low Startup Costs
  • Support Groups
  • Overflow & Downstream Income
  • No Business Experience Required

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    Iconic Purple Stripes

    Loved by customers. Noticed by all!

    At Plumb Zebra, our franchisees are known for their friendly and professional approach. You’ll deliver dependable plumbing solutions that clients love. Our transparent, no-pressure service-model ensures customer satisfaction. By becoming a Plumb Zebra franchise, you align with a brand that values integrity and offers robust support to help you thrive as a plumber and as a business owner.

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    Better Earnings Potential

    Low Overhead

    Our franchise model eliminates the need for a shop or rental expenses, as our business model is designed to run entirely out of your van. This means no overhead costs for a physical location, maximizing your earnings. Additionally, most small businesses pay administrative staff regardless of the workload. With our pay-as-you-go model for administrative expenses, you’ll only pay for the support you use. We also cap our administrative expenses to $50 so you don't pay excessive amounts for large projects.

    No Fixed Franchise Fees

    Plumb Zebra takes a unique approach, with no set franchise fee, reducing your financial risk. Our profit is tied to your success, so we only earn when you do. This is different from other franchises that require a fixed monthly fee that you are required to pay whether or not you made money that month.

    Downstream & Overflow Income

    As you start your franchise, we strive to provide you with a steady stream of 'corporate' customers. As you grow your own customer base your margins increase and you can have other franchisee in your area service your customers. You make 15% on each appointment they service! Additionally, if you bring on new franchisees you make 3% of their sales for two years. Both of these programs can make significant income in addition to servicing your own customers.

    Important! Individual results may vary. Starting a business involves risks including losses.

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    Smooth Business Operations
    Equals Happy Customers

    Phone Answering & Scheduling

    As an independant plumber, it can be challenging to answer phones, schedule and reschedule appointments, keep up on marketing, and the myriad other tasks necessary to run a small business. Customers are quickly frustrated when they can't get ahold of you. We know! We've struggled through this.

    Business Administration

    We've developed a business solution that handles the administrative tasks so you can focus on plumbing and making money. Our unique call center model assigns a dedicated receptionist/dispatcher to your business, aligned with your hours and supported by a backup team for after-hours and peak times. Customer's love Plumb Zebra's responsive communication and most give our franchisee's a solid five-star rating.

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    7525 N. Trent Ave.
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    1622 N Willow Road
    Spokane Valley, WA

    What makes Plumb Zebra Better?


    Plumb Zebra is a trusted name in plumbing, with decades of experience ensuring that we've encountered and resolved a multitude of plumbing issues. Our adept plumbers handle everything from straightforward repairs to intricate installations, not merely providing a temporary fix but delivering enduring solutions to our valued clients.



    The Plumb Zebra team consistently extends courtesy and respect to all clients. Every interaction, from the initial greeting to the final invoicing, is handled with unmatched professionalism, highlighting our commitment to excellence in providing plumbing services.



    Clear and concise communication is pivotal in our line of work. Plumb Zebra makes it a priority to keep clients informed throughout the service process, ensuring that you're never out of the loop, with updates provided at each crucial step.



    Addressing plumbing issues can be stressful, and unexpected costs only add to this anxiety. We are committed to providing transparency in our pricing, offering clear and detailed estimates that comprehensively break down all costs involved.



    Plumb Zebra believes that plumbing services should focus on delivering the best, not the most expensive, solutions for our clients. We provide honest, straightforward advice without aggressive sales tactics, always prioritizing your needs and budget.



    Remaining at the forefront of the industry involves embracing and implementing the latest plumbing technologies. Plumb Zebra utilizes contemporary methods, including video drain inspections and intelligent leak detection, to offer premium services to our clients.



    Offering robust warranties and guarantees on our services is a testament to our confidence in the quality we provide. Plumb Zebra ensures that clients are fully covered, with comprehensive guarantees on both materials and labor used in our projects.



    For those undecided about their plumbing needs, Plumb Zebra offers risk-free initial consultations and quotes. This no-obligation offer allows potential clients to evaluate our expertise and pricing structure upfront, facilitating an informed decision-making process.