Clogged Or Slow Tub or Shower


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Clogged Or Slow Tub or Shower

Clogged showers and tubs are often caused by the build-up of hair or soaps. Unlike a bathroom lavatory that has easy access to the trap under the sink for hair removal, a tub or shower's drain is located below the floor level. Sometimes there is an access panel in the basement or crawl-space, but disassembling the trap of a shower or tub is often more difficult than a bathroom sink.

Our skilled drain cleaners can quickly and efficiently remove that hair build-up or any other obstruction causing your tub or shower to drain improperly. Our unique jetting system not only removes the clog but cleans the walls and remaining pipes to prevent future clogs and slow draining. We strive to keep our work spaces clean and leave your bathroom in the same condition we found it.

Pricing listed does not include costs and time associated with insufficient supply lines, insufficent electrical serivice, code non-compliance, and/or insufficient space or obstructions.

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