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Main Water Shut-Off Replacement


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Main Water Shut-Off Replacement

Knowing where and how to shut of your home's primary water supply is important. By code, every home is require to have a main shut-off valve installed. Usually, in modern homes, there is a main shut-off valve installed inside the home. Often it is located in the basement (if the home has a basement, which most do in Spokane). There is also a main shut-off usually located in the street or front yard that turns the water supply off to the entire house and property.

House shut-off valves and primary in-ground whole-property shut-off valves are rarely used. Sometimes a valve will start leaking once used even if it has been fine for decades. One of our expert technicians can properly locate and replace a in-house main shut-off valve with a high quality ball-valve that will be reliable for decades to come. Whole-house shut-off ball valves have quarter-turn levers that shut water off much easier than older gate valves that have a 'wheel' style handle.

Your house shut-off is probably located in one of these three locations. In Spokane, most homes have basements. In a basement the valve is usually on the wall closest to the street. If you know where the manhole or valve cover is for water is located either in the street or on your property near the street, the house shutoff valve in your basement is likely to be located nearest that cover. This is true regardless of weather you have a basement, concrete slab, or crawl space.

If your home does not have a basement, the valve is still usually located nearest to the street water access hole, usually near your water heater or even sometimes under your Kitchen sink.

Knowing where you main shut-off valve is is important. It can save your house from flooding in the case of a burst pipe or hose. Having a properly working valve is also crucial. Older valve can be stuck so tight that they can be extremely difficult to turn off. If you are having issues finding or turning off your main water valve, or if you valve is leaking or old and needs replacing, call one of our skilled technicians and we will take care of you!

Pricing listed does not include costs and time associated with insufficient supply lines, insufficent electrical serivice, code non-compliance, and/or insufficient space or obstructions.

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