Water Softener Service

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When was the last time that you've had your water softener serviced? Water softeners should be checked and serviced every 2-3 years. There are mechanical floats inside most brine tanks and that need to be cleaned to prevent over or underfilling. If your water softener's backup battery is dead and you have a power loss, your softener can revert to its factory settings, meaning that it could be under or over conditioning your water. Water softeners use a media called "resin" to complete the ion exchange known as softening the water. Water is "softened" by the replacement of calcium molecules with sodium molecules. This resin used to soften your water deteriorates over time from the chlorine in the water and improper regeneration cycles or settings on your water softener. One of our technicians will test your water and make sure that your softener is set correctly.

What a Water Softener Service Includes

One of our Spokane Valley technicians will make sure that all mechanical parts are functioning properly. Test your water before it is softened and after to make sure that it is set and functioning properly.

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