Sewer Locating


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Sewer Locating

You may have a broken sewer or drain pipe that needs to be replaced. Some homes are near impossible to pinpoint the exact location of your compromised pipe. Plumb Zebra has the locating technology to find almost any pipe location on your property. This technology is especially useful when you may be considering a remodel or addition on your home and need to find the location of your existing sewer or drain.

What Plumb Zebra's Sewer Locating Includes

One of our Spokane Valley drain technicians will use a camera and a signaling sonde to locate your sewer or drain. We offer a copy of the recording for no additional cost.

Pricing listed does not include costs and time associated with insufficient supply lines, insufficent electrical serivice, code non-compliance, and/or insufficient space or obstructions.

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