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Water Softener Installation


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Water Softener Installation

Plumb Zebra uses one of the best water softeners available, the Nugen Fusion XT. Among many of its unique features is its full port head. Most water softeners (national brands included), inside the unit, reduce down to a half inch opening reducing the volume of water that you have available at your fixtures. The Fusion XT has a one-inch full port head which means that it is designed to maintain its full one-inch diameter throughout the water softener as to not reduce the volume of water that you have available. Another unique feature of the Fusion XT water softener is its limited lifetime warranty! Backed by a 5-year complete labor and parts warranty from Plumb Zebra!

What Plumb Zebra's Water Softener Installation Includes

One of our Spokane Valley technicians will remove your old water softener and haul away. We will install your new Fusion XT water softener with a whole house sediment filter to keep sediments from entering the water softener and other fixtures in your home.

Pricing listed does not include costs and time associated with insufficient supply lines, insufficent electrical serivice, code non-compliance, and/or insufficient space or obstructions.

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