Yard Hydrant Replacement

Image of Yard Hydrant Replacement

The frost proof yard hydrant has a long pipe that goes deep into the ground and automatically trains when the water to shut off to prevent freezing water from breaking the pipe. If the yard hydrant is not working properly and drips water can build up in the internal portion of the pipe and cause it to break during freezing weather. Other issues with yard hydrants include faulty connections and mechanical systems that do not allow you to turn on the water fully for may also allow water to turn on unexpectedly.

Our Spokane Valley Plumbing technicians can assess issues with your yard hydrant. They can make repairs as needed for replace the hydrant with a new updated unit that will provide you with decades of reliable service.

Please note that replacement of yard hydrants often requires digging a fairly deep hole in your landscape. Having a hole pre-dug will save you money with the install.

What a Yard Hydrant Replacement Includes

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