Garbage Disposal Replacement

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Garbage disposals are used very frequently in most homes. Too often they are used improperly and as a result, they fail prematurely. Garbage disposals are meant to help breakup those food wastes that are left over on dishes after use. They are not meant to dispose of ALL food wastes. Fruit and vegetable skins should be composted or disposed of in the trash can. Most failed garbage disposals are the result of improper use.

There are a few different types of garbage disposals that can be installed in your home. They all have the same function of breaking up food waste, but largely vary in power, sound, and price. There are garbage disposals available that are very quiet but come with a significant increase in cost.

What a Garbage Disposal Replacement Includes

One of our technicians will remove your old garbage disposal and dispose of it for you. We will install the new garbage disposal and install new drain assembly as needed for proper installation. This installation includes a steel finished flange in the sink. If a different finish is desired, be sure to let us know (this may be a small increase in cost for the alternate finish).

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