Shower Faucet Replacement


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Shower Faucet Replacement

You may be remodeling your bathroom or just wanting a new shower valve and trim package to update your existing shower. A new shower valve with new trim looks great on new tile and old. If your existing shower valve has been leaking for a long time this may be a better option over rebuilding the valve.

This project can be a “surgical” operation when replacing the valve in the wall. Sometimes we can replace the valve from the front of the shower and other times we may need to cut a small access behind the valve to make the replacement proper.

What Plumb Zebra's Shower Faucet Replacement Includes

One of our technicians will carefully remove the old shower valve and install the new shower valve. This may require a small access on the backside of the wall (if it is installed in an interior wall). A new shower head and tub spout will also be installed to update the trim.

Pricing listed does not include costs and time associated with insufficient supply lines, insufficent electrical serivice, code non-compliance, and/or insufficient space or obstructions.

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