Shower Faucet Rebuild

Image of Shower Faucet Rebuild

Is your tub or shower continuously dripping? This is not just an annoyance, overtime a constant drip can cause permanent damage to your tub or shower and can also cause damage to the valve inside the wall. If you have even a small drip, its best to have the cartridge or stem replace inside the valve as to prevent costly repairs down the road.

Most tub and shower valves can be rebuilt, however, if the valve has been leaking for too long, replacement of valve may be the only fix.

What a Shower Faucet Rebuild Includes

One of our technicians will assess the current condition of the tub or shower valve and will replace the cartridge, stems, or seals and seats (depending on what type of valve you have). This is a great time to install a new trim package to update the look of your shower (not included in this service).

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