Toilet Installation

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Replacing a toilet is a simple, affordable way to update the look in your bathroom. New flush technology has made toilets more efficient over the past few years. Installing a new toilet will use less water and have a significantly more powerful flush.

Have you ever considered installing an elongated toilet with comfort height? Elongated toilets are made of a larger, oval bowl. The oval shape is typically more comfortable as it is a larger seat and more ergonomical for taller people. Comfort height refers to the actual height of the seat. For some people, the taller bowl is more comfortable and easier to sit down on and stand up from.

There are a variety of other toilet types like the wall mounted toilets that can be installed. Wall mounted toilets require a more extensive installation process, but are a great way to give your bathroom a luxury look and feel. A wall mounted toilet has the tank installed inside of the wall, this means that the toilet appears to be much smaller and is a great option for more compact bathrooms. Did we mention how easy it is to clean around a toilet that floats above the floor?

What a Toilet Installation Includes

We remove your old toilet and assess the condition of your toilet flange (the plumbing fitting that your toilet is mounted to). Our technician will remove any old caulking and install your new toilet so that it is secure and stable, not rocking. We will also dispose of your old toilet for you.

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